Flying During Coronavirus: Private Aviation FAQs

Over the past few months since the surge of the Corona Virus, a lot of people opt for private jets compared to commercial flights. With a private jet card, there is freedom of travel with a flexible schedule amid the pandemic. Keeping social distance is one of the precautions in curbing the spread of the coronavirus. With a private jet agency, the likely hood of having a large crowd is close to zero. Why is it safer to travel in a private jet compared to a commercial aircraft? A large number of people gathered together in a commercial aviation plane is not the safest place. All the procedures of getting your tickets checked, access a security check, and moving luggage from one point to another is a hustle. One is likely to come into close contact with more people compared to a smaller space on a private aviation plane. It is also easier to properly sanitize a smaller crowd compared to a larger crowd. With 70%of people taking a flight being in a hurry, some may slip a sanitation… Read more “Flying During Coronavirus: Private Aviation FAQs”
Airport parking

Can You Leave Your Car at the Airport for a Week?

Introduction Most airports have car parking lots which offer parking services to passengers who use the airport to fly to different destinations. Some airports have parking services on-site, off-site, or both on-site and off-site, and Adelaide airport is no exception. You can leave your car for a long time at the airport parking, if the airport you are about to use has the long-term parking. In this article we will focus on Adelaide Airport as a great example. Adelaide airport is located in Adelaide, which is one of the biggest city of South Australia. The airport is ranked the fifth busiest airport in Australia serving approximately 8 million passengers annually. On top of that, Adelaide airport parking services are closer to the terminal of the airport for convenience and easier transport from the parking lot to the terminal and back. The Airport has several car parking options which assure you of the security of your car at the airport for more than a week. Advantages of Parking at Adelaide Airport Passengers who park at Adelaide airport enjoy the following… Read more “Can You Leave Your Car at the Airport for a Week?”