Flying During Coronavirus: Private Aviation FAQs

Over the past few months since the surge of the Corona Virus, a lot of people opt for private jets compared to commercial flights.

With a private jet card, there is freedom of travel with a flexible schedule amid the pandemic. Keeping social distance is one of the precautions in curbing the spread of the coronavirus. With a private jet agency, the likely hood of having a large crowd is close to zero.

Why is it safer to travel in a private jet compared to a commercial aircraft?

A large number of people gathered together in a commercial aviation plane is not the safest place. All the procedures of getting your tickets checked, access a security check, and moving luggage from one point to another is a hustle.

One is likely to come into close contact with more people compared to a smaller space on a private aviation plane.

It is also easier to properly sanitize a smaller crowd compared to a larger crowd.

With 70%of people taking a flight being in a hurry, some may slip a sanitation point or forget to properly wear a mask.

But with a private flight, one is likely to be monitored to ensure they go through all the sanitation and checkpoints.

With a private jet, one will be served by a personal assistant who does not interact with a lot of people. This gives you the confidence that the services you receive are safe for you.

Why are private jets more popular during the Corona Virus pandemic?

When the government restricted the freedom of movement especially internationally, a lot of commercial flights went to a temporary lockdown.

With a smaller staff working at a private jet, it is easier to fully equip the crew members with disposable protection gears.

For example, MicroShield 360 antimicrobial is an expensive fumigant as it is proven to kill the Corona Virus for up to 12 months.

A private jet is well funded and can afford to constantly give one the confidence to board a flight.

A jet has lesser chances of carrying the coronavirus as one is frequently monitored to keep social distance and all surfaces disinfected.

Alternatively, these steps can be followed by public airlines but the numbers are quite large.

How do private jets curb the spread of coronavirus?

The members of the cabin crew are tested on a weekly basis to ensure they test negative.

Extreme fumigation of all the aircraft interiors including the pilots’ cabin, kitchen, and bathroom.

During the flight, all cabin members wear protective gears, They include a face mask and a face shield.

In a situation where the flight was to an area recording high cases of coronavirus, the team is taken to a self-isolation facility. This curbs the likely hood of spreading the virus.

Is the cabin air safe to use during the travel period?

Aircraft have ventilations that allowing fresh air every 3 to 6 minutes. This creates a healthy environment and decongests the air in the plane at the moment.

Frequent fumigation kills any germs or bacteria in the air ensuring if everyone on the plane is safe.

In the previous studies of the coronavirus, we easily notice that areas with low altitude are at a higher infection rate compared to higher altitudes.

However, this does not mean that air in the planes is not frequently fumigated as human safety is a priority.