How Many Steps Are in the Key West Lighthouse?

Florida is one of the most populous and popular states of the USA. There are numerous different attractions that the state offers. Apart from the sandy and sunny beaches, one other major attraction is the lighthouses that are spread neatly across the eastern coastline of Florida. One of the most famous lighthouses in Florida is the Key West Lighthouse. It has an entire history behind it that spans well over a century. It was made in 1825. The reefs around this lighthouse are hazardous in nature for many ships. It helped them and guided them safely to the shores. It still stands tall today at 938 Whitehead Street in Key West, FL. Today, it is a popular spot for tourists. People come from far and wide to embrace the serene environment of the lighthouse and indulge in the rich history of the lighthouse. If you are looking for further information about the Key West lighthouse, you are in the perfect place. By the time you reach the end of this article, you will know much more about this beautiful lighthouse.


In 1823, the US Navy established a port in the area of Key West. Soon after the port was found, a need for a suitable lighthouse was felt. Hence, the construction of the Key West lighthouse was started shortly after the base was established. The building was completed in 1825. It was then used by the military as well as the commercial water vessels entering the area of Key West. As the popularity of the Key West coast grew, several upgrades were made to the lighthouse as well. The Key West lighthouse was declassified in 1969 by the US Coast Guards. Due to the innovations in technology, there was not a need for such a lighthouse. However, the building of the Key West lighthouse was preserved due to the scintillating history behind it.


The Key West lighthouse is famous amongst the tourists. There are 88 iron steps that the tourists can climb to get to the top and see the spectacular view from there. The view from the top of the lighthouse is dazzling. It is no wonder that it has become a popular spot for photographers and bloggers. However, it is not open 24/7 for tourists. On weekdays, it is open from 0930-1630 hours. Still, it is best to confirm the timings before you visit the majestic lighthouse.


If you are in Key West, you must no miss out on the chance of visiting its lighthouse. There are not many other places where you can immerse yourself so deeply in the history of the area. The best time to visit the lighthouse in on a spring afternoon. The cool ocean breezes will make your experience even better. Also, the blooming flowers that surround the lighthouse will be additional features of beauty. It can also be an excellent spot for picnics. However, make sure to bring along a good camera to capture the memories you make here.