How to Start an OnlyFans without Followers on Social Media?

In your perusal of the internet, you must have come across the platform, OnlyFans. Intrigued by it, you delved deeper into its dynamics and have read on how content creators are making serious money from it. In a report by the New York Times, it was noted that certain OnlyFans creators are bringing in over $100,000 every month. The excitement spurred by these readings must have brought you to the conclusion on how to start an OnlyFans. However, there stands a big obstacle on the way to success, a lack of followers.

Well, don’t dismay. You are on the right page. In this article, we break down how you can start OnlyFans without followers on social media.

The norm

On OnlyFans, there is nothing like a browsing page. For your fans to view your content, they must come directly to your link. So, how do content creators direct fans to their links? Most of them already have accounts on other social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. This proves to be an added advantage as by promoting their content on these other platforms they can push their followers to their OnlyFans accounts.

The challenge and how to overcome it

However, there are some content creators who (for one reason or another), don’t want to use their social media accounts to promote their content. They may want to remain anonymous but still make a living from the account. Let’s see how this can be achieved.

Shoutout advertising and promotion

Let’s be on the same page. Social media is the place to promote your business. But since you don’t want to use your account, make use of other influencers in the market. Make contact with Twitter and Instagram content creators and ask them to give you a shout-out through posts and videos. Just remember that most shoutout promotions have to be paid.

Consider webcamming

Creators who use webcamming have an added advantage. By modeling your services/products, you can slowly but surely gain a following in your chosen target niche. If you have read the terms of service and other tips and tricks, you might be worried about privacy. Here is where OnlyFans’ GEO blocking comes in handy.


Every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Jane spend several hours of their day on their phone. They are either watching or reading something. Take advantage of this and start blogging about your services and products. At the end of the page, include a call to action and include links to your OnlyFans account.

Use of online course platforms

Under your experience in your particular niche, you qualify to be a teacher. Why not join an online course platform and start offering classes? This can serve as a platform for pushing followers/users to your OnlyFans.