Protection Against Counterfeiters

One of the essential things for any brand is to create an excellent name for itself. This can be done based on value or quality since these are some of the most common variables that distinguish a brand from any other brand. But what hurts a brand he most is using its face value to push and sell counterfeit and fake products. This is because these people exploit the brand name and steal money from people by selling third-quality products, which only defames the image of the actual brand but affects its market share in the long run.

From a popular bill counter to fashion shoes, each and everything has a counterfeit available in the market. This has led to many companies fall into a pit of bankruptcy and failure. This is why it is important to you first that your products have counterfeits in the market since it is the first step to protect yourself from such an itching problem.

Some of the guidelines in protecting yourself from such product are given below:

Who Is Selling Counterfeit Products?

A company or a brand must always be on the lookout on the internet to see if someone is trying to sell a fake product. Today numerous products travel through these online stores. These stores that operate virtually through the internet have no check and balance of what quality and pricing they are using. For this, these companies use cheaper pricing to get the customer to commit, only to get a fake product later on.

Promote QR Code Verification Scanning

Recently many companies such as MuscleTech and Nike have started to imprint QR codes in their products. These codes can be checked for verification later on. Since upon production, each produced item is allowed unique QR credentials, which can be checked from the customer’s side for their peace of mind. This is an excellent method for people actually to inspect a product for its genuinity and quality. Because people spend vast sums of money on items, they treasure the most. Therefore, getting cheated for quality would not only ignite hatred in them towards the brand, but it would also spill over in society through negative word of mouth. This is, by far, the last thing any brand would want for itself.

Check for Misprints and Misspelling

One of the easiest, oldest, and most common methods that is used to identify whether the product is original or not is through its packaging. This is because these frauds find it challenging to provide the same quality of packaging that these large, mass-produced companies can provide. Therefore a highly transparent and vibrant indicator is the packing found on these products. Usually, these products are packed highly unprofessionally and with no class. Thus, although these people can provide a lookalike product, they fail to offer a similar quality in the package’s appearance and the overall outcome.

These are some ways people and brands can protect themselves from counterfeit products since they significantly harm a company in many different contexts.