Flying During Coronavirus: Private Aviation FAQs

Over the past few months since the surge of the Corona Virus, a lot of people opt for private jets compared to commercial flights. With a private jet card, there is freedom of travel with a flexible schedule amid the pandemic. Keeping social distance is one of the precautions in curbing the spread of the coronavirus. With a private jet agency, the likely hood of having a large crowd is close to zero. Why is it safer to travel in a private jet compared to a commercial aircraft? A large number of people gathered together in a commercial aviation plane is not the safest place. All the procedures of getting your tickets checked, access a security check, and moving luggage from one point to another is a hustle. One is likely to come into close contact with more people compared to a smaller space on a private aviation plane. It is also easier to properly sanitize a smaller crowd compared to a larger crowd. With 70%of people taking a flight being in a hurry, some may slip a sanitation… Read more “Flying During Coronavirus: Private Aviation FAQs”