What is Twitch, and How Did it Become a Live Streaming Giant?

Twitch is a platform that allows gamers to live stream themselves playing and chat with viewers. It started in 2007 as Justin.tv by a group of people known by names as Kyle Vogt, Michael Seibel, Justin Kan, and Emmett Shear.

Justin.tv featured the life of Justine on a live stream. He had a camera attached to his cap and backpack. When the team realized people were interested in this, they developed a platform that drew more traffic. The team founded Twitch in 2011 without knowing how to monetize the platform.

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The Steps to Getting Paid After a Work Injury

Injury can be inevitable at times, despite taking the necessary precautionary measures. There are those times when there’s nothing you could do to prevent an accident. If you are wondering what your next step is, then Jae Lee Law has the solution for you.

Injuries can reduce your work capacity, create stress, and be a handful when you want to be compensated by your boss or the insurance company. In case of a work injury, the following are the steps to cover:

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