The growing importance of data protection in society

Data breach and security are on the rise. Especially with the season of keeping social distance and staying at home during the Corona Virus pandemic. The resources and free courses available encourage unethical hackers to improve their skills and try them out online.

It is important for all data users; basically, all of us to learn the importance of protecting our data. You might not know where or when your data is mishandled, but you could prevent that from happening with help from Make your data security a priority.

Why protect the data?


Saves on time and money

Some malicious hackers when they access data from the system, they ask for an amount of money.

This is commonly known as ransomware and it has cost a lot of individuals to get back their data or even recover after exposure to the public.

A lot of time is also lost in the process of recovering lost or destroyed data.

It is important to encrypt your data by using a strong password or using a Two-step authentication process,

Maintains privacy

A lot of companies collect personal data of their clients. They are required to protect it as some of it is personal such as an email or Identification Number.

Company financial records are important to any organization. If this falls into malicious hands or the public unwillingly, the company’s privacy is breached.

Short term goals and long time goals are important and should be guarded. In case they fall into the arms of a competitor and are exposed, the likely hood of recovering is very low.

Privacy is important as it allows companies to work on their goals without the fear of being exposed to their competitors.

It is lawful

The government created a GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) act to protect the data users from unlawful exposure.

It is also against the law and human rights to publicly expose personal information without the consent of the user.

Unethical hackers can sell information such as emails, credit, and debit card numbers to people who might misuse the data.

Data protection is a government act and should be taken with a lot of caution. It might also attract a huge court case or bail fee.

Encourages ethical work practices

Company data collection workers are encouraged by company ethics to collect the data required in a regulatory manner.

It is also important as it ensures the data collected is securely stored, used for the right purpose, and destroyed after use.

This, in turn, reduces the cost of data maintenance such as backups and updates,

Whenever customers feel their data is not used for the wrong purpose or exposed publicly, it gives them the confidence to stick around for long.

The protected data is important in decision making, as it is used for comparison to previous and future milestones. Companies do not have to hire experts to predict their future graphs, as they can use the data provided before in a protected format.

In conclusion, data is highly sensitive and when not protected, can land into malicious hands and be costly to recover. Use for your cybersecurity today.