The Pros and Cons of Weighted Blankets

A weighted blanket is something similar to the conventional blankets that are available in the market, though with extra bulk. It is loaded with substances such as glass beads and polymer small granules that assist to soothe, rest as well as loosen up. Whenever we discuss any item that we would like to buy, it comes with benefits and costs. So it is also the case for the weighted blankets. Many people claim that weighted blankets are the creation of art and have so many benefits that everyone must have them no matter what. However, buying a weighted blanket is not like buying a piece of cake, instead, it requires deep understanding along with some proper metrics that are required to be checked before buying a weighted blanket. At the same time, many people suggest that there are several cons of these weighted blankets as well. Both the pros and the cons of the blanket will be discussed in this article.

Medical use

The very first and obvious benefit is that it is recommended medically to various groups. Weighted blankets had been used in therapy and mental hospitals for many years before they became popular, to aid kids and adults to ease symptoms of autism, nervousness, and hyperactivity. Due to its numerous advantages, a weighted blanket has been accepted and made accessible to the public. Weighted blankets are today intended to seem like ordinary blankets. Other than this, the additional sweating or the weight that is exerted by the weighted blanket allows the users to feel relaxed and less stressed whenever they are using it. This is a huge benefit for the users.

Calming nature

The hyperactive subconscious mind that is not suitable for sleeping can lead to anxiety, restlessness, fast heart rates, and difficulty breathing. Weighted blankets can reduce the combat and trigger by calming the parasympathetic system in sleep preparation by spreading an appropriate amount of weight and pressure over the body. Even though there is a dispute about whether weighted blankets give all the other advantages that marketers claim are reported by many. It’s advisable to use precaution, as with any product that has medicinal advantages.


As discussed before regarding the benefits of the blanket, now we look at the costs and the disadvantages of the weighted blanket. The weighted blankets are not easy to wash or clean. They are made with a material that is very heavy and not very washing machine friendly. As blankets are not washed on a regular basis, this makes them unhygienic as the dead skin cells fall on them when people sleep. Lastly, they are very heavy and take a long time to dry up. Also, they are not cheap to buy; the blankets are expensive and not everyone can afford them.

So, it comes with costs and benefits. The same things provide different utilities to different people as well. Hence, it won’t be right to categorize a product based on someone’s opinion. In order to learn more about these blankets, go to this website.