The Steps to Getting Paid After a Work Injury

Injury can be inevitable at times, despite taking the necessary precautionary measures. There are those times when there’s nothing you could do to prevent an accident. If you are wondering what your next step is, then Jae Lee Law has the solution for you.

Injuries can reduce your work capacity, create stress, and be a handful when you want to be compensated by your boss or the insurance company. In case of a work injury, the following are the steps to cover:

Get an injury lawyer

Do not just get a lawyer. But an injury lawyer. The catch is to get an experienced and reputable lawyer. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the injury game and will help you to be efficient and effective as much as possible, Talk, in detail, about how the events unfolded. How they led to your injury. Ensure that you don’t leave any part to avoid dilemmas in which you cannot pull yourself out.

A good example is to know whether you were distracted while doing work or the result was from faulty equipment and conscious negligence by the employee. This example will show your lawyer, during the discussion, whether the case is viable or not.

Call an ambulance and tell a colleague to work for you

After the accident has occurred, immediately call for an ambulance to notify what has happened. Your health and well-being should be a priority. Also, these calls are most likely recorded and will come in handy when claiming compensation.

Establish a kind of record

In the court of law, things have to be done in a physical manner to avoid guesswork and jumping to conclusions. Make sure you have reported to the floor manager and ensure that what happened is written. This protects your right and keeps your employer on toes about the incident.

If incapable condition, take photographs of the accident. Also, take the names of witnesses. Getting witnesses can strengthen your claim and ensure that you get paid for your work injury.

Don’t switch off your phone

You must stay in contact with your lawyer, workers’ compensation carrier, and employer. You will be needed to contact information like the number of lost workdays, amount of hospital bills, or missing evidence information in the file you’ve submitted.

Let the lawyer do their work

Save the talking only for phone calls. If you want to get paid, then you have to understand silence. If you have an experienced lawyer by your side, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just sit and wait. Any kind of misfit information given at the court of law will jeopardize your claim.

Sign a contingency fee contract with your lawyer

If you are lucky to get this contract, then it will mean that your lawyer is ready to commit. A contingency means that if they don’t win, then they have to pay you for the loss. And that sounds great because the odds of that happening are low. Any lawyer under this contract will seek to commit themselves to win that compensation claim.