Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Instagram Page

While using the Instagram account, users sometimes use wrong practices in their desperation to get more followers or in trying to engage numerous people with their posts. These practices damage their account and make it less relatable for the audience, and also lack purpose in a market.

It is important for people to gain Instagram followers responsibly, which ensures that the followers are gained through actual engagements and in an organic manner. This ensures that actual people will get associated with your profile and reduce the chance of fake following and bots.

If you’re looking to give your following a boost, be sure to look at the latest Instagram engagement hacks, which will ensure that the maximum number of followers engaged also interact on a regular basis with your posts. The following article will highlight the main things that you are doing wrong with your Instagram page.

Buying followers

Buying followers is a tricky matter which, if not done with a trusted group or reputable establishment, may result in your account being flooded with fake followers who will never engage with your content or target the wrong audience who are not interested in your activities and will damage your reputation. A drop in the engagements will make your account less recommended to others as well, making your profile less prominent in the market and not getting referred to new accounts that often. If you’re looking to buy followers, ensure they engage people the right way, as well as target the correct audience.

Poor bio and description

Giving importance and attention to your bio is a matter which can be overlooked and ignored by the majority of account holders. This results in giving a poor first impression to the users and discouraging them to explore more about your activities and content. Try to write a compelling bio description that highlights your activities in a creative manner. Look at other accounts for inspiration. Also, use a username which recognizable and understandable to the audience. Adding links to your other social media accounts and your website also gives a detailed presentation of all your activities. Be sure to add your contact details, such as your email address and contact number, to make it easy for people to communicate with you.


Similarly, people sometimes fail to understand the importance of using hashtags or do not fully appreciate the power they hold. For instance, people may use irrelevant hashtags on their posts which results in the wrong market to be targeted resulting in little or no engagements on their posts. Additionally, people may not use hashtags altogether, which will make it very difficult for the target audience to view and search your content.

Not interacting with others

Growth on Instagram is only possible if you often interact with like-minded people and accounts posting similar content. This ensures that you become part of a community that regularly shares information with each other, boosting each other’s reach and engagements. This matter cannot be ignored, as a sense of community is essential to get the best out of an account.

These are the matters which many users often overlook and do not give priority, however, they are of utmost importance and should be addressed immediately to ensure the effective running of your profile.