What Are Pinterest Categories, and Why Do They Matter?

When using Pinterest, it’s important to know the categories and why. Pinterest Boards no longer support the manual addition of categories, which previously provided more context for the content within. Then, what’s the big deal about categorizing things? Keeping tabs on trending can help you position your material so that it shows up in searches conducted by those who have never seen it before. Super cool, huh?

So, what exactly are Pinterest categories, and why do they matter? How can you grow Pinterest followers with the available categories? Let’s take a look.

DIY and Crafts

To no one’s surprise, the DIY and crafts section is Pinterest’s second most visited. There has been a rise in do-it-yourself renovations since the pandemic began. Many of us have been cooped up inside our houses for extended periods, allowing us to work on repairs and make other improvements.

The same holds true for all artistic pursuits. Crocheting, scrapbooking, knitting, and flower pressing are just a few examples of the many handicrafts that have seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

DIY and crafts are where you want to be if you own a craft store, sell knitting patterns or other handcrafted items, or are a builder or decorator. Explain your process for making macramé plant hangers and other useful items out of seemingly useless household items. The eyes and ears of the whole group are focused on you right now.


Pinterest is a fantastic resource for educators and homeschooling parents looking for fresh ideas for teaching and learning. You will find inspiration for educational outings, instructions for entertaining at-home experiments, and creative projects to keep kids occupied. Based on their most popular pins, science teachers seem to enjoy using Pinterest.


Everything from artifacts and galleries to how-to guides and materials can be found under the art category. If you have skills that could benefit the world, such as art, teaching, photography, tattooing, or design, consider sharing them with the world. Everyone will adore you for it.


If you own a women’s clothes business, an e-commerce site, a clothing line, or a physical store, you need to know what’s trending in the women’s fashion industry. Bloggers who focus on fashion are more than welcome.

Make pinboards to show off your style in the newest styles and garments and all the accessories you’ve been eyeing. Pinterest is great for attracting a targeted audience of style-conscious people and fostering brand loyalty.


Most beauty discussion focuses on hair. Pinterest has become a popular resource for people seeking hairstyle inspiration before visiting the salon for a trim or color. It’s fun to see before and after pictures of people who are into beauty routines like hair, makeup, and nails. To increase interaction and attract dedicated followers, share how-to guides, trend reports, and DIY projects.


Your company’s social media strategy probably centers on today’s three most popular platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Maybe you utilize Snapchat if you’re marketing to a younger audience. It is time to use Pinterest categories for your brand.